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Can I get cheap cash advance loans?

Can I get cheap cash advance loans?

Cheap loans…check the small print

New loan deals may come with unexpected high costs for those who do not read the small print.

Some lenders are now offering a cheap fix rate for a year, this may come as a great offer for customers, what they’re not realising is that they will be switched to a fixed rate at a high premium over base rate.

So beware of the so called ‘cheap loan deals’ as they aren’t as cheap as they might appear once you check the small print or don’t keep up with repayments.

Can I get cheap cash advance loans?
Can I get cheap cash advance loans?

Budget tools and personal finance

Fans of budgeting and financial management are getting spoiled for choice these days. No longer do end-users need to purchase expensive software bundles or themselves be accountants in order to enjoy the luxury of a budget management system. Today there is an array of tools from simple budget calculators to more in-depth tools that link to your bank account and continually monitor your expenses.

A few favourites include:

  • Budget Calculator

This is a basic budgeting tool with a friendly user-interface. You can save your work and come back to it or print it off to take a copy with you. With your wage slip in hand and a grasp on your monthly bills, you’re ready to get underway.

  • Personal finance software

Whatloancost is free online personal software for budgeting and expense management. Buxfer can link all your bank accounts and credit cards into your Whatloancost account so you can manage them all from one location. You can see where your money goes and also create budgets.

  • Personal finance for everyone

Personal finance is also a free online personal software tool that links to bank accounts and you can access Personal finance from any computer, not just your own home or work computer. Users can create discussion groups and can work together to meet their own personal financial goals. Lots of great tools here.

Managing your own finances and getting out of debt is very much an “in” thing these days, and when the masses talk, smart companies listen. Get on the bandwagon and start crunching some numbers!

Cash advance loans online
Cash advance loans online

Cash advance loans online

What’s so evil about cash advance loans online? It seems that the media and the payday loan haters have grouped all online loans into one immoral group to be sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Why do online loans get so little love? The best guess would be the high annual percentage rate that is legally required to be displayed on all offers of credit. These APRs are astronomical because it’s an annual rate being applied to a very short-term loan.

It’s easy to balk at huge APRs as they are truly staggering, but they aren’t representative of the actual cost of a short-term, online loan. The best way to understand the cost of a short-term loan is to find out the actual cost upfront and decide if the cost equals the emergency.

Short-term, online loans are meant to help users resolve short term cash emergencies. An unexpected large bill, emergency veterinary care, or MOT or other motoring expenses are all common uses for urgent cash loans. When used responsibly for an immediate cash emergency and not used to supplement one’s income, short term loans online can be a real life-saver.

Payday lenders connects UK consumers with online lenders offering short term cash loans. If you need cash fast, take the time today to apply online with Payday lenders to find a lender who can help you solve your cash emergency.

Credit Loans
Credit Loans

Credit Loans

If the credit crunch hasn’t affected you up to this point, perhaps you’re going to make it through unscathed. For some, it’s beginning to feel like “make it or break it” time. This economic downturn has gone on long enough now that some people, who have been living off their savings since losing their job or those who didn’t adapt their lifestyle soon enough to the changing economy, may now be starting to struggle.

If you fall into one of these categories or if you have your own unique, yet no-less-difficult recession experience, you may want to consider a loan to help make ends meet and ride out the crunch.

Loan comparison websites are very popular these days as most of the research has already been done for the consumer and consolidated onto one website. Consumers can also find useful financial tools on these sites as well such as loan calculators for mortgages or personal loans as well as budget tools.

When the need for some quick cash arises, Payday lenders can get you a loan fast. When you apply with Payday lenders, your application is submitted to their database and instantly they can come back to you with a short term loan lender to meet your needs.

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